FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m no fan of NY’s Gov. Cuomo.

Yesterday’s Cuomo press conference was superb, the “reopening” discussion is one that everyone needs to use as the diving board to considering “reopening.” I’m very concerned about this as I watch Minnesota’s Gov. Walz start allowing “reopening,” and even more so as I see tRump ordering that meatpacking houses open up. GAAACK! What could go wrong!?!

Even the White House criteria, its guidelines for opening up, recommend that the peak be reached and that there be 14 days of decreasing new cases. What the hell are they thinking, opening now? Reopening means that spread will increase.

Listen to this, the reopening discussion starts at 11:33, through 17:44, followed by important points about the need for federal government to WORK on bipartisan legislation:

Cuomo Press Conference – May 6, 2020

Why did estimates increase so dramatically?

Here’s the primary source for those COVID projections, first the narrative, and then the charts:

IHME COVID-19 Resources (the narrative)

COVID-19 Projections (graphs)

We are making decisions about how many will live and how many will die:

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