Remember Excelsior Energy’s odd “appeal” of the PUC’s non-decision regarding the Mesaba Project, Excelsior’s coal gasification (IGCC) Power Purchase Agreement from hell?  Well, Minnesota Power just served out a Motion to Dismiss.  GO, MINNESOTA POWER!

MP’s Notice of Motion and Motion to Dismiss

The essence of the Motion?  “Throw it out because it ain’t ripe!” and “The decisions made by PUC thus far are NOT final decisions.”

2 Responses to “Minnesota Power’s Motion to Dismiss”

  1. Michael LeBeau Says:

    Wow! Wherever will we get all of the extra power we need then? Hopefully there are other options in the que to build from.

  2. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Let’s see, how many perfectly delightful coal plants are in line in the MISO queue to pick from:

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