STAY HOME, Minnesota!

April 16th, 2020

Minnesota Historical Society extends closing of museums, other sites to June 30

Today, Minnesota Gov. Walz announced a Midwest consortium, similar to those on West and Mid-Atlantic/East coasts:

Walz joins pact with Midwest Governors to reopen economy

Some folks just don’t get it, and are actively opposing STAY HOME! They’re putting lives of family, friends, neighbors, community DEAD last in their priorities.

Prime example is the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus, which is promoting “Open Up Minnesota,” to push for termination of STAY HOME and open Minnesota for business and increased infection, sickness, and deaths.

Worse is today’s “event,” “Liberate Minnesota” in front of the Governor’s Mansion tomorrow afternoon. Seeing the one in Michigan, poorly attended, with most not even wearing masks, much less keeping any distance… what will their health be like in a couple weeks?

The good news is that Michigan’s Governor’s polling has gone up with her handling of COVID.

New poll shows Whitmer approval jumps during COVID-19 pandemic

These “reopen” folks really ought to rethink this… is there a clearer example of “shooting themselves in the foot” … DOH!

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