Got some catching up to do — I’ve been sick for almost a month now, felt like the sinus crap I get now and then and I did NOT want it to get “Goodhue Wind can’t talk” bad. I started isolating after a meeting March 5 because Alan was sick, I got it March 8, went to Mayo the end of that week, diagnosed as sinus and treated, and was told to screed for COVID the following Monday, when they were starting drive up testing, and was screened out because my symptoms were the opposite of COVID, but when I called in because I was hacking more, they wanted me to come in to test for COVID. OK, I can do that. Drive-up testing, yes, make it a meal… follow the security guy to the ambulance bay, swab up the nose, and wait 48 hours, maybe less, and NEGATIVE. Now, about this sinus crap…

In short, I’m not working much, brain is on vacation. But a lot has come in since we filed on March 18, 2020:

AFCL appeals PUC denial of EAW Petition

I’d filed a Motion for Consolidation and for a Stay on March 29, 2020 because we were STILL waiting on the Commission’s Order and Record of Decision, which the Commission had not filed, 5 weeks later, after their February 6, 2020 meeting (VIEW WEBCAST HERE! ):

So of course two days later, the Public Utilities Commission finally filed not only the Order denying AFCL’s Petition for EAW, but also granting Xcel Energy its Permit Amendment! April Fools? Nooooo, March 31, 2020…

Then on to April Fools Day, time for AFCL’s monthly status update to the Appellate Court:

Then the Respondents’ Statements of the Case came in:

Next was Xcel Energy’s response to our Motion:

And then the Court Order, dismissing the case until we go through the PUC process of Reconsideration and their (likely) denial of our Reconsideration request, then file appeal again, filing fee from this applicable to that. Good, because we HAD to appeal because for an EAW the appeal clock is triggered by the date the Notice of Decision was published, 30 days after that, it’s got to be filed. Didn’t want to lose opportunity by not filing. So now our appeal is locked in, and we’re back to PUC to “exhaust our administrative remedies.”

Yeah, exhausted, and onward we go.

An earlier Legalectric post:

PUC’s Freeborn Wind Order Amending Xcel Site Permit and Denying AFCL’s EAW Petition

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