Just back from the CapX 2020 meeting in Fergus Falls, and learned from Tim Carlsgaard that an Xcel engineer told him that I was off on my suspicions on the 345kV structures.


You’ll note that the structures have arms only on one side and the line’s three phases are vertically arranged, and my suspicion was that before the line was even up, they’d be wanting to “upgrade” and add another full compliment of vertically arranged lines on the other side.  WRONG!!!!  What they say, and it passes the smell test, is that the DOT wouldn’t let them overhand the DOT right-of-way no matter how they squealed and squawked.

OH, OK.  Well, there you have it!  Thanks, Tim!

For the rest of the meeting, you’ll have to go over to www.nocapx2020.info.  But it’ll take a bit to get it posted.

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