It’s in the news, apparently it’s not “just” the Decorah eagles being electrocuted.

Decorah eagle electrocuted July 14th, 2014

Keep in mind the tRump administration’s elimination of eagle take permits:

Incidental “take” permits are history – 2 year anniversary December 25th, 2019

Recently from New Jersey, land of the protected Delaware Water Gap and amazing forests in granite, and lots of transmission across the state:

Officials target electrocution as leading bald eagle killer

And in India:

Study to find out impacts of power line on bird species

From the article:

“Through the study we aim to find out critical areas and high use areas from where the power lines pass and pose potential risk to the birds that travel through these paths. Kutch has a large congregation of birds including cranes, flamingos and pelicans that could collide with some power lines in their path. Also, raptors face similar issue,” said Suresh Kumar, a senior researcher at WII.h

He said that the study would look at solutions like re-routing of electric lines and doing an in-depth analysis of putting diverters to avoid bird hits.

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