YEAAAAAAAAAAA! Injunction against yet another horrible tRump “policy” — that of ejecting, deporting, foreign students with valid F, J, and M non-immigrant visas for educational, vocational or technical study following the tRump administration’s August 9, 2018 Policy Memorandum, PM-602-1060.1:

Policy Memorandum: Accrual of Unlawful Presence and F, J, and M Nonimmigrants

Bottom line, INJUNCTION nationwide:

This case is about when the “unlawful presence” clock starts ticking for students with these visas:

Now thanks to this Order and Injunction, we’re back to the status quo, when the clock starts ticking after “unlawful presence” has been adjudicated.

In the meantime, the tRump administration is also refusing to allow students with valid visas INTO the country — so now we’re waiting for injunction to stop this practice:

Harvard Student Says He Was Denied Entry to the U.S. Over His Friends’ Political Opinions on Social Media

9 Arizona State students from China detained at LA airport, denied admission to U.S.

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