HF 1955 – outrageous

December 3rd, 2007


The Kiffmeister just sent an email waving H.R. 1955 in front of my nose, daring me not to be outraged.  And of course, I AM OURAGED.  It’s bills like this that make us wonder when they’ll be banging on our door.  And it passed through the House virtually unopposed, not one Minnesota Representative had the gonads to vote against it.

Here’s HR 1955, The Violent Radicalism and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act:

HR 1955 – Oct 24, 2007 

Bills like this show the utter unawareness of causes of civil unrest, and any knowledge of what’s going on — like this might prevent anything, or that there’s anything to prevent!  It’s just one more way to tighten the screws and take away peoples’ rights, quash objections — it’s governmental terrorism directed at the people.

How misguided and paranoid can we get?

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  1. Michael LeBeau Says:


    It is totally outrageous but mostly limited. Every paragraph is limited to acts that include violence. Frankly we need to not be outraged by anything limiting violent acts under civil conditions. If they come banging down our doors then they are the ones that threw out the rules and I’ll be standing by your side with whatever tool I can get my hands on. I say let them write anything they want that limits violence. We have enough of that now. If we cannot solve our problems here without taking up arms maybe it is time to leave. The problem will be with our neighbors who elected them not with the thugs they asked for.

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