CCX – a lot of hot CO2

November 24th, 2007

Kurt, the polar bear

There’s a movement afoot to wake up the world about the problems with the Chicago Climate Exchange.  CCX is a good idea gone bad if I’ve ever seen one, and I’ve been ranting against it for a while.  Finally some groups have come out against it, and here are their reasons:

  • CCX rules have loopholes that do not warrant government support
    • Offset rules offer too many outs
  • Governments should not participate inprograms developed through a closed, non-transparent process
  • Participation in CCX may limit the options for participation in other programs
  • States and cities can achieve their climate goals without joining CCX
  • Voluntary programs are not the solution

I’d add one of my own:

  • Privatization of market is improper/wrong – who pays and who benefits?

Here’s their report:

States and Cities should not join CCX

As you know, or should know, CCX, a private CO2 market developed by the Joyce Foundation.  Yes, that same Joyce Foundation that has given enviro groups such as Clean Wisconsin, RE-AMP, Great Plains Institute, Clean Air Task Force, and National Resource Defense Council bucks to support IGCC, and of course these groups and programs also support CCX, not cap and tax.  Who stands to make $$$$ from this market?  How do you stop generation of CO2 when a cap & trade scheme allows new CO2 to be generated?

Here’s the Joyce Foundation’s.. errr… Energy Foundation’s… er… the Midwest Climate Change Project 1 & 2:

Midwest Climate Change Project Part 1

Midwest Climate Change Project Part 2

And why not?  Once more with feeling — here’s why!

States and Cities should not join CCX

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