They’re back!

For the last week, there have been “Welcome Home” signs all over Red Wing, and yesterday yellow ribbons went up on every streetlight and phone pole and tree in town. They went through Northfield earlier in the day, reported by Scott Davis on The 434th Chemical Company arrived in town from Iraq. As I came back from a dog food run, and running the dogs, in the 45 minutes or so that I was gone, Hwy. 61 was dotted with people with big signs and flags, at one a 4×8 recycled campaign sign, “Henry says Welcome Home!” (or was it Harvey?). As I was digging around on the computer, I noticed a flash on the Red Wing paper site that they’d left Cannon Falls at 2:20, and it was 2:47, so I decided to go over to the Armory. It was quite a production, cop cars, highway patrols, at least 20 cars escorting the busses, and they alterted the dogs who said to get moving. The Red Wing fire truck had the flag held over the driveway.

434 1.JPG

In this photo, note the woman in the center, Rebecca Leja, scanning the room with that “where are they?” look.

434 4.jpg

But check the front page of the RW Republican Eagle for the happy reunion!

434 Reunion RWRE.jpg
Caption from Red Wing Republican Eagle: Rebecca Leja is reunited with her English bulldog, Gizzard, on the floor of the Red Wing Armory. The 434th arrived shortly after 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon to the joy of the soldiers and family members. — staff photo by Kevin Macdonald

434 3.jpg


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