The DOE and the Department of Commerce have finally released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Excelsior Energy’s Mesaba Project. Here’s the link:


I’ll be uploading the pieces of it for posterity, sitting on my posterior… it’ll take a while, but here’s a start:

Mesaba DEIS – Contents

Mesaba DEIS – Summary

Mesaba DIES – Chapter 1

Mesaba DEIS – Chapter 2

Chapter 3 is just too big!

Mesaba DEIS – Chapter 4

Mesaba DEIS – Chapter 5

Mesaba DEIS – Appendix A

Mesaba DEIS – Appendix B

Mesaba DEIS – Appendix C

Appendix D is just too big!

Mesaba DEIS – Appendix E

Appendix F is just too big!

Mesaba DEIS – Appendix G

Mesaba DEIS – Appendix H

This ought to keep you going at least long enough for me to get the big ones broken down and posted! Happy reading.
Remember this on of “the boys” deer hunting on the Mesaba site? It’s that time of year again… and look at all that infrastructure!

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