The Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line was approved by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission in a rubber stamp “decision” based on their deliberation at the meeting of August 20, 2019. Before the decision, there was some discussion of DALC’s Motion for recusal o Commissioners Huebsch and Valcq due to conflict of interest, and they had a ‘doth protesteth too much” response:

5-CE-146 Memorandum from Chairperson Valcq regarding Recusal (PSC REF#: 376345)
        Docket: 5-CE-146    Document Type: Memorandum    Submitted by: COKERS

5-CE-146 Memorandum from Commissioner Huebsch regarding Recusal (PSC REF#: 376346)
        Docket: 5-CE-146    Document Type: Memorandum    Submitted by: COKERS

Agenda Memorandum – Motion for Recusal and Disqualification (PSC REF#: 376363)
        Docket: 5-CE-146    Document Type: Memorandum    Submitted by: abrald

And after they dismissed the Motion, it took about two seconds to approve their written Order, and another few hours to distribute it:

Petition for Rehearing due October 16, 2019. Mark your calendars!!!

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