There are bizarre theories that the Clintons took care of Epstein. Clintons? Clintons are history, and remember BENGHAZI (no indictments after 4 years of digging around) and the bizarre “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory (fabricated by “Social media users on a popular Reddit forum dedicated to Donald J. Trump and 4chan’s far-right fringe message board searched the releases for evidence of wrongdoing“) and the actual shoot-em-up at the Not-so-OK corral (which I’d guess is a mirror reaction of those actually engaging in child sex trafficing, and what inspired the shooter to shoot up the place).

How can you speculate without a look to he who has most to lose, he who lies like a rug, since his Atlantic City cashino days is known to be a fraud, is an admitted nationalist and one who incites violence (it’s a matter of record, over and over), he who is actively being charged sued for sexual abuse and rape, he who is under investigation now, he who was surrounded by those who have been arrested, waiting for trial, tried and found guilty, and/or jailed, a record number in any administration. And remember, Billy was already impeached for lying under oath and obstruction regarding far lesser things that those for which he who they don’t name is under investigation. Willful ignorance at best.

We’ve seen the pleadings claiming threats to Plaintiff accusing Epstein and tRump of rape. And I’d forgotten about tRump and Guiliani’s many threats to Michael Cohen and his family. DOH!

Diversion won’t help the Pedophile/Rapist/Racist-in-Chief, his M.O. has been known for decades. But you who are diverting, and you know who you are… What’s your basis, and how do you justify this to yourself? And most importantly, what are you doing to fix this fine mess you got us into?

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