After Mueller’s testimony, this hit the inbox… EXONERATED?!?! “How many times?” How about once. Exoneration? Hasn’t happened yet.

From tRump’s campaign:


It’s been over three months since the Mueller Report was released and Democrats and the Fake News media can’t accept that there was NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION, COMPLETE AND TOTAL EXONERATION!

Nothing about the report has changed, so WHY are they still pursuing this Nasty Witch Hunt? It’s time to MOVE ON!

Robert Mueller just finished testifying, and the Democrats and Corrupt Media are going to pull out all the stops to try and TRICK the American People into believing their LIES.

How many times do I have to be exonerated before they stop?

Sadly, this won’t be the end, Carol. The attacks and lies will keep coming because Democrats know they don’t stand a chance against us in 2020. That’s why we need to fight back BIGGER and STRONGER than ever before.

Let’s send a HUGE message to all of the Trump Haters by raising $2,000,000 in the NEXT 24 HOURS.



And just 4 hours later, 7:02, this arrives:


Today’s Mueller hearing proves that Democrats have completely lost touch with reality.

The Mueller Report completely EXONERATED President Trump, but Democrats are still insisting on wasting more of YOUR money on this bogus WITCH HUNT.

President Trump emailed you today during the Mueller Hearing because we already knew what Mueller was going to say – NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION!

Democrats have realized that the American people will NEVER embrace their big government SOCIALIST agenda, so they’ve resorted to partisan political games.

Contribute ANY AMOUNT NOW to make sure President Trump has the resources he needs to fight off the lies and attacks from Democrats and the FAKE NEWS. >>

We need to let Democrats know that the American people see right through their charade.

No matter how many baseless LIES Democrats attack him with, President Trump will NEVER stop fighting to Keep America Great.

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT you can to stand with President Trump. 

Thank you,

Team Trump 2020


This is really nuts!!!!

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