CRWP photos of Wolf Creek

September 3rd, 2007


The Cannon River Watershed Partnership is the only group keeping an eye on water in Rice County, well, the Cannon River Watershed, to be precise.   And on August 24th, after the heavy rains, here’s some of what that eye, the camera of Beth Kallestad, sees:

This is the dam at Circle Lake, right by that “development” of Jerry Anderson’s, the one that was shut down by the Army Corps of Engineers for lack of a permit.   In this photo, “Wolf Creek flows out of Circle Lake, where the two dogs died recently from drinking toxic algae in the lake water.”

This one is near “County Road 8, at a volunteer water quality monitoring station on the bridge below Claude and Marie Brown’s.”

This is a dramatic photo of the “confluence of Wolf Creek (green, right) and the Cannon River (brown, left) near Grandpa’s Farm on Hwy 3.”

Link: MPCA’s Impaired Waters List.

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