2004 R-Vision Cassette

We buy almost everything on craigslist, but haven’t sold anything big before, and I can see why, what a pain. People calling, going back and forth, they say they want to come look, “Name a time” and I do and don’t hear from them again. It’s hard to respect the other folks’ place in line, so I just started letting them know they lost their place.

Enter a call to schedule time on the 4th. Sure, no problem. They’re coming from Arizona. WHAT?!?! Sure enough, they blasted into town, checked it over, signed and paid up, and rolled away. Brandon and Rachel, we really enjoyed meeting you, your enthusiasm and get up and GO is so refreshing! And now you’re gone, on your way. THANK YOU!! The women who sold us the camper said they wanted it to go to a good home, and I did too, and am so glad you came up to Minnesota!


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