Goodhue County Hearing

May 5th, 2019

There’s a hearing in Goodhue County about our District 1 representation, as above:

6 p.m. Monday, May 13, 2019

Goodhue County Board Room

509 W. 5th St., Red Wing, MN 55066

At the November 20, 2018 meeting, Scott Safe was appointed to temporarily fill Ron Allen’s seat. At that meeting, Allen said:

“… Scott [Co. Administrator] had a list, I had a list… I went down that list, I had another candidate in mind, but I wanted the person that replaces me to be acceptable to a lot of factions in my 1st District. A Couple people I had in mind just wouldn’t fit that bill…” (video linked — Allen starts his statements at 1:00:28) He later said, again, that Safe was “… acceptable to a lot of different groups that I’ve been doing outreach with.”

I have a problem with “acceptability” being the primary criteria. Of course, I note that as someone who would not be deemed acceptable!!

There’s a requirement to hold a hearing, and the hearing is only about the qualification of prospective appointees. How are they going to announce who has applied for appointment, whose arm has been twisted to apply, etc.?

What’s also troubling me is the slothful way the county approaches the special election — this is something that should have been anticipated and planned for — rather than plodded towards. As it sits, if there is a primary needed, if more than two people run, then it could push the election out past the November election out into a special election in February (there are limited dates that elections can occur, and the first one after November is in February).

Subd. 5.County boards vacancy appointment; public hearing.

Before making an appointment to fill a vacancy under subdivision 4, the county board must hold a public hearing not more than 30 days after the vacancy occurs with public notice given in the same manner as for a special meeting of the county board. At the public hearing the board must invite public testimony from persons residing in the district in which the vacancy occurs relating to the qualifications of prospective appointees to fill the vacancy. Before making an appointment, the board also must notify public officials in the affected district on the appointment, including town board and city council members, and must enter into the record at the board meeting in which the appointment is made the names and addresses of the public officials notified. If after the public hearing, the board is unable or decides not to make an appointment under subdivision 4, it must hold a special election under subdivision 1, but the time period in which the election must be held begins to run from the date of the public hearing.

Hey, residents of District 1 of Goodhue County — Be there or be square!!

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