Mesaba marches on. To prepare, I’ve been researching, reading piles and piles of reports, studies, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. But some are proving worthwhile. And as a cohort just asked, “Are we having fun yet?” Ja, you betcha!!!!

Remember Wabash River, the plant that Mesaba is based on, the one with all the “lessons learned” that Mesaba should incorporate?

Wabash River 2.jpg

Remember the DOE’s Wabash River “Final Report” that said coal gasification emissions were awfully good, but there was a serious water problem, and the plant was “routinely” in violation of its water permit for levels of selenium, cyanide and arsenic?

Well, let’s dig a little deeper, all puns intended, and look at the serious problems with the North Dakota coal gasificationi plant. This EPA Report details the contaminants (they call them constituents!?!) that have already leaked into the surface and groundwater.

From what I’ve found thus far, water quality is the big issue in coal gasification.


In the Ndebele culture, they paint their homes, including representations of what they want, but can not or do not have. It’s all connected — here’s a couple examples with electrical fixtures.



And our culture is filled with images of what we want but shouldn’t want or have… it’s long overdue to reframe our expectations and live sustainably.


A prime example of what we don’t need, and what is not sustainable: MESABA

Mesaba site plan 1.jpg

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