The PUC has sent our Compaint about Excelsior Energy’s prohibited indirect ex parte contact to the Office of Administrative Hearings. What’s the fuss about? Well, on the eve of the PUC oral arguments on Excelsior’s IGCC Mesaba Project — 600MW of coal gasification and an equal megawattage of bullshit — an Excelsior Energy employee sent out an email asking a whole bunch of people to email the PUC Commissioners directly with their message of support! INDIRECT EX PARTE COMMUNICATION!!!! WHOOOOEEEEEEEE!  And of course “a little birdie” sent me a copy!

So I fired off a Complaint. Here’s the PUC’s referral to OAH, which includes our Complaint, Excelsior Energy’s response, and the emails:

OAH Ex Parte Complaint & Excelsior emails

And check the emails — unlike the one that someone sent me, which had no emails listed, these have the list of recipients, and it’s pretty damn extensive and pretty extensively damning!!! Lots of familiar names and emails here. It’s worth a look to see who they think their supporters are!

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    Carol-You are one of my favorite people for sure. Keep up the great work.

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