So late on Thursday afternoon, there’s a filing in the inbox from the “Department of Commerce” with none other than Pawlenty-appointed Deputy Commissioner touting the Mesaba Project, despite the expert analysis of his own Dept. of Commerce!!!  We fired off an objection and Minnesota Power fired off an objection, YES!!!

Garvey’s July 27 Toady-Rah-Rah Letter

What’s wrong with this picture? Here’s the Gov’s boy sending this letter directly to the Commissioners! Had I done that, they’d probably shoot me! The record closed MONTHS AGO, and he’s got no business leaning on the Commissioners directly, I don’t care who he owes what, I don’t care if Pawlenty owes Excelsior — though I do care what exactly Pawlenty owes them and why!!!

Here are the objections filed thus far:

MCGP – Motion to Strike Commerce “Comment”

 Minnesota Power letter of objection

I hope everyone will read the Staff Briefing Papers:

Staff Briefing Papers for July 31 & Aug 2

Here’s the Twin West Chamber toadying for Excelsior:

Twin West toadying letter for Excelsior

And join us for tomorrow’s festivities at the PUC:

Excelsior’s Mesaba Project

Oral Argument – Tuesday July 31, 2007 @ 9:30 a.m.

Deliberations – Thursday, August 2, 2007 @ 9:30

Public Utilities Commission

121 – 7th Place East, St. Paul

Large Hearing Room, 3rd Floor

Odd word, “deliberation.” Whatever the result, this will be INTERESTING!!!

Come on down!!!



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