Per the STrib this a.m., McCain has a “dip in fundraising.” There’s the dip in the background of this photo… Pawlenty.

Facing a crisis from a drop in fundraising, McCain cuts staff

This is good, because this guy has done enough damage as Governor, the thought of him maneuvering for Pres is more than I can stomach..

3 Responses to “Seems McCain has a “dip in fundraising””

  1. Sundog Says:

    A) I think it’s just a ridiculous assertion that the Governor has “damaged the state”, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion; and

    B) I woulda thunk you’d be excited about the possibility of T-Paw moving up and out. As it stands now, he’s Governor for life, or for however long he wants to be…

  2. Alan Muller Says:

    Isn’t the governor limited to two terms, Sundog?

  3. Sundog Says:

    Nope! There’s no term limit for Governors (or any other state official, as far as I know) here in Minnesota.

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