November 4th, 2005


Oh, this was NOT fun, it started with “Well, that’s a big cavity.” Uh-huh, ja, duh! Onward with an hour and a half of humorous hell for me, and for the poor dentist, who alternated between “Your jaw and I are having a disagreement” and “It’s oak, it’s hard as oak” and “It’d be easier to argue with a semi” (from someone who doesn’t know me from Adam! How could he know I was a truckdriver!) … but what scared me, more than the needles, was the too many minutes of dead silence that proceeded the ultimate wrenching success… afterwards he was heard making a chiropractic appointment.

And guess who’s too loopy to operate that keyboard!

Does Randy’s deliver chocolate malts by the gross? No straws for 48 hours, but no problem, I’ll just lap it out of a bowl, I’m on all fours anyway.

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