Time off?  HA!  Haven’t had enough time off this summer!  And what with Pine Island City Council meeting about the ICE detention facility (JAIL) and success on that front, and relatives from Norway the following day who were visiting St. Olaf and us too, WHEW, busy time. Nerstrand was pretty empty, which was good, because the sites are so close together, and not much vegetation separating the sites.  From our table, there were 3 tables less than 40 feet away!  Overnight neighbors at two sites the first night, the one behind us, we could almost reach out the window and touch their big trailer.  But they left, and the nearby sites were empty after that (Ja, it’s not exactly primitive, but with screwed up back, that’s how it is!)  Joys of mid-week camping!

Love my new stove, it’s perfect!  Needs more of a wind screen if it’s super windy, and a rain fly hanging from the awning in the rain.

But glad to have a little home and office in the Big Woods.  WITH internet access in the camper this time!  Must be some new cell towers in the neighborhood.

Library Binding Little House in the Big Woods Book

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