We’re BAAAAAAAAAACK!  Went up for the Wooden Boat Show in Grand Marais, and stayed in Tettegouche, got the LAST site way back in February!  Yes, here’s the classic intro photo, looking into the driveway.  The site was huge, but backwards, electric on wrong side, and table and space was directly behind.  Oh well, turn the trailer around, no problem!  The view from the other side was better:

The first day was pretty dreary… but the sun came out Friday – Monday, and it was a touch warm in the day so we hauled out the emergency blankets and snapped them over the bunks.  Makes a huge difference, and just $14 a pop.  At night it was cool, just perfect, and no rain, despite a pretty strong chance for Sunday.

Last week, I ordered a new toy, because cooking is a big part of this for me, and the three burner stove that comes with the camper doesn’t work with a griddle, and it gets really crowded for a meal for guests, soooooooo…

It’s a Camp Chef Ranger III, and the two burners fit the griddle just right, and have one open for whatever.  Gotta have corncakes!  Tomorrow or so, the table for this will arrive, and then I’ll have the white table for prep, need that room to roam.  Everything I could ask for!  Sadie was pretty happy with the results, as was Alan.

No bears!

In addition to going up to Grand Marais, we went to see Aaron Brown‘s Great Northern Radio Show, which brought back a lot of memories of doing live radio, every week, for how long, over at the New Riverside Cafe.

As we walked in to the auditorium at Reif, I heard, “That’s Carol!!!  Carol Overland!!!” And it was Ron Gustafson and Linda Castagneri!  It’s got to have been 8 years since we’ve seen them, what a treat!  They were the foundation of the Excelsior Energy Mesaba Project resistance, and a joy to work with, so motivating, fired up.  The were “the face of Mesaba.”

What a pleasant shock — they’ve moved out of state, and aren’t here all that often.  Thank you, Linda and Ron, for a good time of catching up, and remembering that this was one time where “the people” prevailed!  And Enchiladas Suiza to die for!

Spending another almost week in the camper… I could easily live like this… maybe a camp host next year?  Trouble is, work is so unpredictable, and have to be able to be wherever, whenever!  Phone signal at Tettegouche was just right, and there was ZERO before, so this trip, it was possible to put in a good day’s work in the woods.  Is that cool or what!

Little Sadie concurs!

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