Alan Muller followed up on the report of an ICE detention facility near us in Elk Run, part of Pine Island.  Pine Island is one of several sites being considered for an ICE detention facility, a jail, a fenced and guarded holding place for asylum seekers, and others grabbed by ICE.  On June 19, 2018, the Pine Island City Council approved a resolution of support of “Management & Training Corporation” and “it’s partners,” unidentified, to build and operate an ICE detention facility HERE!

Pine Island lets ICE know it’s still interested in detention facility

Management & Training Corporation?  Seems to me they doth protesteth too much!

MTC’s Involvement in Operating ICE Detention Centers

MTC’s Imperial detention center

Here’s a view inside the Imperial ICE detention facility via San Diego Union-Tribune.  Here are some statistics on that Imperial facility.  Here’s an interesting post by some folks with a video camera outside Imperial.

MTC is doing the same hustle in Uintah County, near Evanston, Wyoming and Hopkins Park, Illinois, and other sites too.  Does this Hopkins Park resolution look familiar?

Hopkins Park locals are not thrilled about MTC’s proposal either:

Hopkins Park residents fight private immigration detention center proposal

Some Pembroke residents say detention center isn’t welcome

Back to Pine Island’s Elk Run…

As if Elk Run’s troubles with Chronic Wasting Disease wasn’t enough:

Sharpshooters begin destroying elk herd

In January, a female at the farm near Pine Island was found to have CWD, a fatal brain disease. A USDA agency is killing all 700 elk. 
And good news on that front — opposition is organized:

Fighting For-Profit Immigration Prisons

… there are the economic problems…

Legacy of Pine Island biotech park: foreclosures, unpaid taxes and interchange to nowhere


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