But… but… I thought it was all connected!?!?!

The Commission finds that settlement between Douglas County and the applicants allowing the necessary easements resolves all of the issues in the reopened docket, since the docket was reopened for the limited purpose of considering alternate routes in Douglas County. In addition, whether this private agreement is equitable and in the interest of the intervenors and the public is not within the scope of this docket.


HUH? Last I checked it was the Public Service Commission!

Here’s the Order of the PSC in the Arrowhead case closing the docket. Download file Really, that’s what it says.

To look at the filings in the tail end of the Arrowhead Transmission Docket go to the PSC home page, and where it says “Quck Links for Utility Information” look below “Link Directly to a Case” and enter 05-CE-113 and you’ll get the last few hundred of the documents.

Here’s that Douglas County Agreement. Download file

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