Winning the Battle Against Global Warming and the New Coal Rush

Second Annual Midwest New Energy Future Conference

On Saturday, a group of Midwest Sierra Club chapters held a conference in Indianapolis, and they’d invited me to present on coal gasification (IGCC), which of course was a necessity. It wasso  good to have the opportunity to get the word out on our experiences both in Minnesota and Delaware, where it’s slowly but deliciously going down in flames.

Here’s my Powerpoint:

IGCC: Too Risky for Private Investment

IGCC Resources

And a few handouts:

Standard & Poor’s May 2007 Risk

MPCA – Excelsior Final Emission Comparison

MPCA – Excelsior – Comments

And now I’m going to dig in my files and figure out what else I was supposed to post here! Later…

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  1. Nancy LaPlaca Says:

    Your blog was the only place I could find the S&P report when I googled it…

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