From 2006 Gov’s Wade In event!

Then, she was almost in over her head, and now she’s as bad as Governor Pawlenty, shamefully promoting IGCC, coal gasification, when the truth is out there for all the world to see…

In today’s News Journal:

Minner sees role for NRG coal plant

Gov. Ruth Ann Minner still believes a coal gasification plant could be right for Delaware, despite the Public Service Commission’s endorsement this week of wind power.

The governor said it might make sense to combine wind power with NRG Energy’s proposed coal plant, a combination that provoked skepticism from some energy specialists.

Tell Gov. Minner what you think about her stand on IGCC: (302) 744-4101 Dover; (302) 577-3210 Wilmington.

Email her Chief of Staff, Mark Brainard at

What did NRG propose? Worth a look see to check out their professional redaction job:


Gov. Minner puts her credibility on the line for NRG? Why? IGCC (coal gasification) is the biggest boondoggle to come down the pike. The people of Delaware are not aware of the details of the NRG proposal because it has been kept shrouded in secrecy. But it’s all public information in Minnesota’s Excelsior Energy docket about the PPA for the Mesaba Project.

ALJs’ Decision Here

Shouldn’t Gov. Minner be paying attention to this extensive record and detailed decision?

What the record, agency staff analysis, and the ALJ decision in our proceeding demonstrates, and NRG has NOT proven otherwise, is that IGCC is not environmentally superior. It does not significantly reduce major pollutants when compared with state of the art coal. IGCC does not do one thing for CO2 levels other than greatly increase them! Like the Mesaba Project, NRG does not commit to carbon capture and storage (CSS), and that’s because it’s not a demonstrated option, no commercial IGCC plant is doing it. CSS is not happening anytime soon, and the DOE said so in its addendum to the Gilberton coal-to-liquids EIS.

DOE Addendum – Blog Post

Shouldn’t Gov. Minner be paying attention to the DOE?

Another thing the Excelsior record demonstrates is that IGCC is very very costly, and not in the public interest. The whole point of HB6 and the PSC’s RFP docket is to gain price stability for the SOS ratepayers, and IGCC, with its reliance on a commercially undemonstrated technology, one deemed by the DOE to be “too risky for private investment” is not a reasonable way to achieve it. IGCC, because it is “too risky,” can only gain a foothold with massive federal and state subsidies, on the backs of the taxpayers, and what would we get? Another economic and environmental disaster like Wabash River, so unreliable it took 22 full time engineers to cobble it together, it was shut down because it was inoperable, it was routinely violating the water permit… great idea…

Shouldn’t Gov. Minner be paying attention to the past IGCC projects?

As I testified before the PSC on Tuesday, admonishing DNREC’s Phil Cherry for his astounding false statements in support of IGCC, there’s just no excuse for supporting IGCC given the MN record that is PUBLIC for the world to see and consider. Their statements are contrary to the evidence. Politically, that’s a bad spot to be in.

Shouldn’t Gov. Minner recognize the opportunity to direct Delaware energy policy in a sustainable, renewable direction? Shouldn’t Gov. Minner reject unreliable, costly and risky IGCC?

3 Responses to “Like Pawlenty, Minner is toadie for IGCC”

  1. Aqu Says:

    Coal gassification combined with poly generation and Carbon capture id the only way forward. Saying that the well-to-wheels carbon emission is not better than existing fuel options is an outright lie.
    It shown an agenda and not understanding the dire situation the Western world is in.

    Gassification with biomass, and poly generation will make the outcome even better, but a gassification installation that handles biomass has to be develloped further.
    No coal, no fuel
    Don’t burn the poor peoples food.

  2. Carol A. Overland Says:

    It takes a lot more than “carbon capture.” It takes storage, and that is NOT happening and is doubtful — the DOE addressses this in its Gilberton PA coal-to-liquids Addendum to EIS. CSS is not at the point where we can bank on it, much less gamble on it.

  3. Delaware's Hybrid Energy Proposal « A Significant Distraction Says:

    […] May 14th, 2007 by loufuzai On 8 May 2007, the Delaware Public Service Commission (PSC) voted unanimously to adopt its staff recommendation of a wind/natural gas hybrid electricity generation plant. The PSC decision directs Delmarva to open negotiations with Bluewater Wind to build an offshore wind farm in the 200-300 MW range, and with Conectiv Energy to build a 150-200 MW natural gas plant as a backup. The door is still open for negotiations with NRG Energy for an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant that would employ coal as a fuel instead of a natural gas, however, because three other Delaware agencies must approve the plan. Governor Minner appears to prefer the latter plan (see Legalectric). […]

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