Not long ago, I was calling and emailing the few contact people I could find about those “National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor” meetings — THREE meetings for the whole damn country — THREE. That entire program is such a crock, because we don’t need no stinkin’ transmission… however, THEY do if they want to accomplish their goal of bulk power transfer, capturing megabucks, holding pass-through communities hostage as they build a grid on local land…  WHO BENEFITS?  WHO PAYS?
I wasn’t the only one incensed by their THREE meetings. From Sen. Charles H. Schumer, D-NY:

“This uninformed decision by the DOE simply defies logic and places an unacceptable and noxious burden on the communities that would be affected by NYRI’s proposed power line,” Schumer said. “Why is it easier or better to hold a hearing in Rochester than in Utica, or Oneonta or Norwich or Middletown or another locale easily accessible to the communities that lie directly in its path? I am very concerned that DOE may be trying to duck these communities so their voices won’t be heard. This needs to be immediately rectified by setting a hearing in a locale easily accessible to the communities that lie directly in its path.”

Schumer: More power hearings needed

Way to go! And lo and behold, they scheduled FOUR more, again, for the whole country, only FOUR:

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will hold four additional public meetings for the two draft National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors (NIETC) during the 60-day public comment period, which closes on July 6. The four additional meetings will be held in June in Phoenix; Las Vegas; Pittsburgh, Penn.; and Rochester, N.Y.

DOE sets more meetings for draft National Corridors

And why would they want transmission corridors declared? Why to build transmission lines, of course:

Study group recommends 2 massive power lines

… it’s getting a little greedy in here…

Where is all this going?  Check out the PJM 2007 Strategic Report.

… sigh…

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