Great letter, Mandy!!!

April 6th, 2007

Mandy Nesheim wrote a great letter in the Timberjay:

Friday, April 06, 2007      Volume 18, Issue 14

Dill should focus on his own district, stop distorting record on Mesaba Energy

Letter to the editor from Amanda Nesheim, Bigfork, Minn.

The residents of District 6A might be interested to learn that their Representative, David Dill is involving himself in District 3A�s business.

There is an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) coal burning power plant being proposed for Taconite, Minn. (Dist. 3A) that is called the Mesaba Energy Project (MEP). Mr. Dill did not mention by name the MEP in his statements, but there are no other coal burning power plants being proposed for this region.

Mr. Dill has stated erroneously that new base load electricity is needed for a proposed steel plant, (Minnesota Steel Industries, MSI), which is proposed for Nashwauk, Minn. (Dist. 3A). Representatives of MSI have repeatedly confirmed that their energy needs have been accounted for, which makes sense considering MSI proposes to be operational years before the proposed MEP goes online.

Mr. Dill has also falsely stated (for the record) a 6.3 cents/kWh, which is the cost per kWh represented by the lobbyists of the MEP. There is a range of 9.604 – 13.76 cents/kWh that was established by evidence produced in the current Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) proceedings.

Most recently Mr. Dill proposed $475,000 for a study of the feasibility of carbon sequestration in Minnesota in the House Omnibus bill. This study can only refer to the MEP as there are no other IGCC projects being proposed for Minnesota.

Mr. Dill’s interference in Dist. 3A’s business suggests that he is working for the lobbyists of the MEP, (Excelsior Energy), and not his constituents. The people of Dist. 3A have elected Tom Anzelc to represent them, not Mr. Dill. His intervention is inappropriate and unwelcome.

Residents of Dist. 6A need to contact their representative and remind him that he works for you, not the 18 paid lobbyists of Excelsior Energy.

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