All over the U.S., they’re trying to keep the facts of IGCC from the public. Why? DUH, because if the facts were known, IGCC would be dead.

Well, surprise, surprise, it’s PUBLIC INFORMATION!!! Nearly all of the Minnesota information is public, and despite this very public collection of IGCC information, Delaware, Indiana and Florida are keeping essential facts from the public.

But wait… it gets worse… some thing the public has no interest in the information, that the public has no business in these proceedings, that the public is not a stakeholder.

Can you believe it??? From the Delaware Public Service Commission Staff:

… although the public is a beneficiary of the work performed by Commission Staff in its attempt to release as much information as possible, the public is not a stakeholder in the Commission’s, and other agencies’, determination as to whether such work should be adopted.

Hiding the facts in Delaware:

DAG Memo on Confidentiality 2-12-07
NRG on Confidentiality 2-16-07

Staff Memo on Confidentiality 2-23-07

NRG Response on Confidentiality 2-26-07

Staff Memo on Confidentiality 3-13-07

Hiding the facts in Indiana:

Edwardsport – Joint Motion – Confidentiality

IURC Order – Confidentiality

Hiding the facts in Minnesota:


Order on Motion to Enforce Protective Order

Hiding the facts in Florida:

FPL’s Motion for Protective Order 3-12-07

For all of you who want to know what’s what in coal gasification, go to and start digging. The Minnesota PUC filings are there, and are also available at, go to “eDockets” and then to “Search Documents” and then search for 05-1993.  This docket is the first one to come down the pike, and the costs are so high and the environmental performance so low that it will fall on its own.  And this is the information that must get out — this information tanks any IGCC proposal.

If you have any concerns about what this all means, see:

Testimony of Steve Jenkins – Florida Glades Power Plant

Steve Jenkins has spent a career promoting IGCC, and he explains it all — he knows the problems and testifies about them at great lengths.  But folks, it’s really not that complicated. Message: IGCC can’t stand the light of day.

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  1. Harry Jaeger Says:

    Our friend has a coat of several colors.

    For a balanced view on experience and promise of IGCC technology, see Jenkins’ presentation of August, 2005 at:

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