Today, awaiting me at the office, was “Application to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission for Certificate of Need for Transmission Lines in Western Minnesota, with a cute little logo “Big Stone – Partners in Transmission.”

Big Stone App.JPG

There’s a Big Stone II website in the works.

But until it’s up and running, the info is on the OtterTail site:

Big Stone II generation plant

Big Stone II Transmission

Big Stone II ransmission Regulatory Filings

Here comes another 345kV line for coal. Just what Minnesota needs. Committed for another 50 years to coal (and don’t forget the Monticello dry cask storage and relicensing). What’s wrong with this picture?

No, I do not accept transmission.

No, I do not accept transmission for coal.

This is utter fucking bullshit.

I will do what I can.

I will start by stocking up on Thank You Notes to send to all those who made possible these six transmission projects coming down the pike. Download file That will give people something to do at the public meetings.

Yup, we’re starting to feel the impacts of the Transmission Omnibus Bill from Hell, S.F. 1368.

If you’re some sort of nutwad and want one of these, call Todd Guerrero at Pig, Dog & Duck, (612) 371-3258 or email him, and he’ll send you one too!

And Esther Phillips’ “I can stand a little rain” is on my tape loop…

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