The saga continues! Here are two articles from today’s Waseca County News:

Blooming Grove Township: Speaking up on power plant issue

Plus a Letter to the Editor from the Town Board Chair’s father-in-law, a farmer who held out against the gas comnpany 37 years ago! As did my client’s father-in-law, Clarence Prehn, an amazing guy who so many years ago fought for landowner rights to prevent a private corporation from taking land for profit through eminent domain, and who worked to protect the tax base of the Township and County. Here we are, deja vu all over again. Gene Miller’s editorial in today’s paper.

Keep that radio on — MPR should be running the Arrowhead transmission and ATC/TRANSLink story tomorrow or the next day.

Someday soon, the rest of the story on the Biennial Transmission Meeting and Capx2020.

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  1. BruceWMorlan Says:

    I am concerned about the use of unfunded emminent domain, by which I mean the situation when a city zones land for a use that essentially locks the landowner out of using their land as they might want. In particular, although I am very proud of the Dundas-Bridgewater Annexation Agreement and the fact that it identifies and protects bluffs, I also have to reconcile that with the fact that we have effectively taken the land from the landowner since they can no longer develop that land.

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