Steve Jenkins, former IGCC promoter toady extraordinaire, has come clean about coal!

IGCC just can’t get it up, it’s not a happenin’ thang… it’s unreliable… this should be common knowledge, but for some reason, some persist in denial. Why would NRDC and ED say “IGCC is good with capture and sequestration” when it’s NOT good, and “capture and storage” is NOT happening?

Wabash River was utter disaster. Pinon Pines never worked. Carbon capture and sequestration isn’t happening. So at what point do they admit that IGCC is a stupid fork to take, a diversion from the real work of generating and using electricity that we can live with? That works FOR us, rather than poison us. From NRDC’s Coal in a Changing Climate:

There is no such thing as “clean coal.” However, as far as the air pollution and global warming effects of coal are concerned, technologies ready for widespread commercial application can dramatically reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, mercury, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides from coal conversion. Although the other challenges remain, we must employ these technologies now to prevent evenreater damage from coal use. The race for a better energy future is on.

And here’s ED on IGCC:

Over the past year we have held steady in our belief that Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) holds the most promise for future coal use in Texas. Today’s announcement that TXU has started the planning process and is investigating two IGCC plants with carbon capture and storage in Texas is another step in the right direction and directly contradicts the inaccurate claim that IGCC is not a feasible alternative here.


What’s wrong with this picture? DUH!!! NRDC’s and ED‘s claims are against evidence!!! Obviously they aren’t reading the record of Excelsior Energy’s Mesaba Project.

One of the more public flops was the Pinon Pine project, which for some reason didn’t turn up in my prior searches. Here’s the link:

DOE’s Pinon Pine Assessment

And of course there’s the:

Wabash River Final Technical Report

And based on a career of IGCC promotion and toadism, Steve Jenkins has filed the most amazing testimony in the Florida “Glades Power Park” docket:

Testimony of Steve Jenkins – Florida Glades Power Plant

So what’s going on in Florida? It’s dreadful — first off, they want to build a 1,900MW pulverized coal plant, the “Glades Power Park.” Pricetag? $5.7 billion! Holy shit!

CLICK HERE – Florida – Glades Power Park docket

OK, so if that isn’t enough, dig the testimony of Richard “The Vermin” Furman:

Testimony of Richard C. Furman – Florida Glades Power Plant

This guy testifies that IGCC in the midwest costs 5.26 cents per kilowatt hour! Well, not quite, he testifies that a DOE report says that’s the cost. HELLO!! DUH!!! Double it and you’re close!

From Dr. Elion Amit’s Rebuttal Testimony in the Minnesota Excelsior case:


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