Train derailment in Ellendale, MN

November 11th, 2016


Early today, another train derailment, this time near Ellendale, Minnesota.  The town has been ordered evacuated, school is closed (can’t get to it!), but that evacuation order has been revised, and now there’s a declared 400 foot “hot zone” and others can come back home.

It’s a train with multiple types of cars and freight, but one tanker is visibly leaking.  HazMat crews are on the scene, it’s a propane plume, you can see the release in photos.  They’re going to just let it go, and it should be expelled soon.

Reports vary, but some news outlets are saying “several” and “four car” derailment, and yet photos clearly show at least 11 cars off the tracks.

trainderailmentellendate_ryanandersonapPhoto by Ryan Anderson, AP

photocityofellendalefbpageCity of Ellendale FB page


KSTP: Ellendale Residents Allowed to Return Home After Train Derailment

At a midday news conference, Thiele said the gas cloud from a rail car with a cut in it had decreased, reducing the danger. A “hot zone” of 400 feet around that car will be maintained, he added. There’s no threat to the public outside of the “hot zone.”

MPR: All Clear in Ellendale after train derailment

Details took a while this morning, but here’s a good STrib article:

Train derailment prompts evacuation of Ellendale in southern Minnesota


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