How did I miss this??

March 14th, 2007

There she goes, off in la-la land again… this was in Monday’s Strib:

Bypass the insurers

Mandatory health insurance? I need health care, not insurance.

Take the insurance company out of the middle and we’ll receive a lot more for our dollars. And until then, don’t expect me to pay an insurance company that won’t provide the care I need.


DAMN – there’s a MOUSE on my printer… sitting there twitching his whiskers daring me… now he’s… oh this is a problem.

The LTE the STrib wouldn’t print was about that Dogawful article about transmission, attemption to build the case that we need CapX2020 transmission for wind.  What a load o’ crap.  The article cited a guy from WindLogics, but failed to mention the fact that WindLogics was part of the Wind Integration Study that says we can integrate 5,000-6,000MW of wind within the existing system without massive transmission upgrades.  EARTH TO MARS, but hey, if they can say it’s for wind, let’s build billions in transmission infrastructure over the land of 200,000 Minnesotans, they get accellerated rate recovery, we pay for their transmission for coal, they get a bunch of AFDUC dough to build those coal plants and their central station power devastation continues.  What a great idea…  idiots…

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  1. Alan Muller Says:


    I agree 100%. We see this yak-yak about “mandatory” health insurance in Delaware also. (Some of us are old enough to remember when car insurance became mandatory….) Some pols are seeing this as a way to appear to be doing something while actually selling us out (yet again!) to the insurance lobby.

    Forcing people with no extra money to buy insurance?? Just what we DON’T need.


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