The face of voter fraud in Iowa, Terri Lynn Rotte, the first to be arrested.  But not the last:

3 suspected of voter fraud in Polk County

Texas man arrested after wearing Trump hat, ‘deplorables” T-shirt to polling place

Former Va. man arrested for voter registration fraud

Two women arrested for election fraud in Miami-Dade County

What’s important in all of this is that they’re being caught.  Voter fraud is very rare, well, except in the biggest voter fraud case in history, here in Minnesota.  It’s so rare that the prosecutors note that they’ve not had a voter fraud case before.  And claims of rigged elections, well, that’s “election fraud,” a very different thing, ask Bernie Sanders about that, or the Supreme Court for that matter.

Voter fraud has been a Republican talking point for so long, because it’s a way to restrict voting through hype and fear, to disenfranchise those who do have a right to vote through restrictive ID requirements, and they’re manipulating policy through false claims of a crime that happens so rarely that… well, do your own research, and look up cases of voter fraud.  You’ll find very few!

What is real “voter fraud?”  It’s the oh-so-rare type where voters try to vote illegally, i.e., more than once, or try to vote where they’re not qualified, or try to vote under another’s name.  The most extreme example is that legendary case of Jakes.  But that is the extreme, and other cases are The Jakes case is worth a look.  It happend in Coates, Minnesota, where roughly 100 customers and dancers at Jakes were registered as Coates city residents, using the club address, to vote in effort to unseat the City Council which was shutting down Jakes strip club via zoning laws:

Jake acquitted of voter fraud!!!!

Voter Registration – Ray Cox, strip joints, and voter fraud (lots of articles linked here)


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