Trump, time to withdraw

October 8th, 2016



donald-trump-iowa-reuters-800x430from Reuters

In the New York Times, Why Republicans Are Probably Stuck with Donald Trump, but I don’t agree with the headline, under the rules, he can “decline,” and should “decline” now:

… the Republican Party did not have a mechanism to replace a nominee just because it wants to. The party’s rules state that “the Republican National Committee is hereby authorized and empowered to fill any and all vacancies which may occur by reason of death, declination, or otherwise of the Republican candidate for president of the United States.”

Not that Drumpf is capable of withdrawal, but it is time.  He never should have been in a position to be nominated as candidate, he never should have been nominated — this is not new information — but it is beyond time to act on what we’ve know for so long.  Donald J. Trump is not fit, is not qualified, to be President of the U.S.

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