Pissy and chronically wasted deer, and 3M poisoning our water in SE Metro with PFBA, PFOA, and PFOS, but now we know… it’s all connected… and where is Rep. Sandy Wollschlager, who works at 3M in the environmental area?

 Deer crashes into 3M research lab

The Associated Press – Wednesday, March 07, 2007


A deer caused quite a stir at a 3M research lab at company headquarters in Maplewood.

The deer smashed through a window at 3M’s Building 201 yesterday, then got into a lab and “was really breaking stuff up,” according to Maplewood Police Lieutenant Kevin Rabbett.

Rabbett says officers said there were “beakers flying all over the place.”

Officers didn’t have a tranquilizer gun, so they steered the deer into a hallway, then blocked other passages and got the animal to go through an exit door.

No employees were in the lab, and no one was hurt.

2 Responses to “Deer was drinking the 3M water???”

  1. Alan Muller Says:

    Seems to me 3M got out of these chemicals years ago and just has past messes to deal with. Am I right about that?

    DuPont is still making and using the stuff, which seems to contaminate water wherever it is made or used. The just introduced it to Mississippi, over community opposition:


  2. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Just – well, they stopped making those, but there’s probably plenty more to worry about. And the damage is pretty severe, I wish they’d publish a map, guess I can go digging, but we’re talking several large cities, probably an area 1/3 the size of your whole state! Maybe more.

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