CA_SoS_President Democratic - Statewide Result

Click for larger view.  This is from the California Secretary of State site, where they’re tallying the votes as the 2.5 million uncounted votes are counted.  Keep an eye on THIS page!  And compare with the LATimes CA Primary page, where they are NOT updating.  Letter-to-the-Editor sent to LA Times!

Bernie has picked up THREE COUNTIES — Glenn County up north, and San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara to the south.  This is just the beginning.  Makes sense that there are such shrill calls for Bernie to drop out.  No.  This is a contested nomination, and it is not over until it’s over.  And from the counties flipping, with 2.5 million votes to count, it looks like calling a winner is premature.  As is so much in this race.

Keep at it, California, count those votes!

2 Responses to “CA – Sanders picking up counties as votes counted”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Putting this article in the political nonsense section is perfect. The election is not about winning counties. Yes, if all remaining votes were for Sanders it could flip the winner, but that would still not be enough for Sanders to have a majority of the popular vote, pledged delegates, overall delegates.

  2. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Counties do matter because counties comprise the state, and the state tally is changing. Every vote counts. As it sits, it’s not enough for Clinton either, she is NOT the nominee. Every vote that goes to Sanders now is a piece of the convention wrangling that will determine the nominee, and that wrangling will determine the future of the Democratic party.

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