Advanced BioEnergy needs cash

February 25th, 2007


Money makes the world go round…

For those of you following the Advance BioEnergy ethanol plant proposed for Dundas, and who around Rice County isn’t, there’s news… they’re out there and they’re looking for money. Don’t they get that the ethanol market, ethanol future, is spiraling downward, what with water usage problems, smell, __________ (name that problem here). Or is it that investors get the problems with ethanol and its checkered future?
Lo and behold, they’re prowling around North Dakota and South Dakota looking for money. Are they having trouble finding private investors among their usual suspects? I know, this will be hard to read, so below will be a link to pull up the whole thing.

ABE Investor Meetings

Here’s the link: ABE Investor Meetings
Seems to me there ought to be a contingency out on the road with them finding out what the scoop is — sounds like a job for the Northfield News!

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