I guess the rules only apply to some, the schedule only applies to some… The Excelsior Mesaba Project PPA ALJ Recommendation to the PUC was due yesterday. Word comes from a lobbyist, and separately from a non-party, that the ALJs’ recommendation is delayed. I had inquired at OAH because I hadn’t received it. No response… I called back and asked about the comments of others I’d heard that the Recommendation was coming out late and got confirmation. WHY AREN’T THE PARTIES NOTIFIED? Finally, at 9:45 a.m., the day after the Recommendation was due:

Dear Parties:

The Administrative Law Judges hope to issue the report in this matter late next week. Thank you for your patience.


Maria Lindstrom
Staff Attorney
Office of Administrative Hearings

Patience? Uh-huh… As a party whose name I can’t recall often says, “I feel like I’m at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.” I guess I’ll just sit here and collect and disseminate information from elsewhere in the country about IGCC as it goes down in flames.  Today it’s Delaware!

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