So I was on a couple days’ road trip up north and then south, back home, frazzled, running errands and catching up, and now I have a few minutes to put my feet up and deep breathe, and I’m looking for the books I’m reading, found two, “Mississippi River: Historic Sites and Interesting Places” and Rolvaag’s “Peder Victorious,” but where’s the other one?

I’m pretty anal about book storage, well, not literally, but I keep them in certain spots where I’m sure my ADHD self can find them.  Nope, it’s not around.  Upstairs, downstairs, in my spinner, briefbag, not buried because I spent the day organizing and cleaning my desk, and once over again.  WHERE IS IT!  Looked under every pile in the house, under tables, under the covers, in the dog’s mouth… nowhere.

But then after half an hour of frantic looking, I had a flash… 21st century problem…


Found it…

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