And in Florida too!!!

February 21st, 2007

It’s everywhere, it’s everywhere!!! And North Carolina next…

Article published Feb 21, 2007

State objects to plant proposal
Taylor Energy Center told to fix problems

By Bruce Ritchie


State planners are objecting to a proposal that would allow a coal-fired power plant in Taylor County.

Tallahassee is a partner in the proposed project, called the Taylor Energy Center. The proposal faces opposition from environmentalists, who say it will increase pollution. The Florida Department of Community Affairs on Tuesday noted that 25 percent of the 2,996-acre site is wetlands and that it sits along the Fenholloway River.

“Given the character of the site and the current lack of provisions for natural resources in the proposed land-use category, the (proposal) has not demonstrated that natural resources including wetlands and floodplains will be protected,” the department said. The report contained objections and recommendations.

A spokesman for the power-plant partnership said objections by the state are not unusual and can be addressed.

Jeanne Zokovitch, a senior attorney with the WildLaw law firm representing 25 Taylor County residents, business owners and property owners, said the county shouldn’t adopt the proposals until significant changes are made.

“We were happy to see the citizen input had an impact,” she said.

Taylor County has 60 days to adopt the proposals under state law. If the state objections remain, the proposal could go to a state hearing officer and then to the governor and Cabinet for a decision.

DCA recommended that Taylor County revise the proposals to establish “meaningful and predictable standards” for protecting natural resources at power-plant sites.

The department also recommended that limits be placed on the size and number of electric-generating facilities that are allowed. The Taylor County Commission earlier had voted to allow only one plant at the site.

DCA also said information wasn’t provided to show there is water available for use by the power plant.

The proposed plant is expected to use 9 million gallons a day, but 7.5 million gallons will come from the nearby Buckeye Florida pulp mill’s wastewater, said Mark McCain, a spokesman for the power-plant partnership. He said there will be no wastewater discharge from the power plant.

“We have every intention of working with the county and the department to address those objections,” McCain said.

Taylor County Planning and Zoning Director Danny Griner said no hearing had been set to adopt the proposals. He said he’ll await a response from the power-plant partnership.

4 Responses to “And in Florida too!!!”

  1. Bruce Ritchie Says:

    Did you receive permission from The Tallahassee Democrat before you took our story and posted it on your Web site?

  2. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Nope, I didn’t. I took it, linked directly to it, reporter’s name, YOUR name, right there, so it wasn’t stolen. It’s called “Fair Use.” Education, information — I’m not making $$$ off of it.



  3. Alex Says:

    The Buckeye paper mill has been polluting Taylor County for too long!!! UF will be hosting a meeting soon that could give Buckeye state funding to further their pollution. If you want to put an end to their pollution, come over and help put a stop to Taylor county pollution and corporate bull sh*t!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chase Says:

    This bull sh*t must end!!!!!! Their pollution has mutated the fish and put a 10 mile dead zone in the big bends sea grass beds!

    The meeting at UF is on 8-21 “Purchasing & Disbursement Services Conference Room, Room 101, Elmore Hall, Radio Road, 11am-1pm”

    If anyone is near the university, come over and help us put a stop to these corporate jackals’ pollution before it becomes state funded!!!!!!!

    I’ll see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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