In today’s News Journal, Delaware:

Beware of Depo-Provera birth control drug

Your recent article, “Long acting birth control may return to favor was very disturbing because the term Depo-Provera is not even used in this article.  “Long acting birth control” often means Depo-Provera, a very nasty drug with proven complications and side effects that are not easily reversible.  By definition, “long acting” doesn’t disappear instantly, and if there are side effects, it can take a long time for side effects to disappear, if ever.

Even worse, Depo-Provera has a history of misuse by medical institutions, where low-income, nonwhite, and disabled women were targeted and were not informed of the risks or even informed that they were receiving Depo-Provera.

An article like this should include at least a brief rundown of risks and side effects and the history of misuse of this drug.

Carol. A. Overland

Port Penn

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