Do you know that up by Duluth, the Arrowhead Transmission Line runs parallel, and directly over, the Willard Munger Trail in some places?

A-W 3.jpg

In Mendota Heights, the SE Metro line runs right over a playing field and next to a school (in South St. Paul and Sunfish Lake it runs right over and right next to houses).

These just came in from a concerned mom in the wealthy suburb of EDINA(!) in the Metro… here’s where they play soccer — Garden Park near Vernon and Hansen. Can you believe it? Given SE Metro and this, there goes the class argument. Check the size of this line!

Allison 1.JPG

Is this where you’d want to take a leisurely stroll? Sure, with a gauss meter for company!

Allison 2.JPG

And mom says I have to post this “kid with an attitude” or she’s dropping the kids off at my house for a week! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGH, ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Then again, my little pups love kids… for lunch…

Allison 3.JPG

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