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First it’s Bill, the math teacher/golf pro, who didn’t think there was enough room for him and the 8 raccoons he trapped in his house, so he went on up to teach in the Chisago schools… then Mr. Wadley died and Mike’s mom moved over to the hi-rise a few blocks away… and now Kathy and Dawn are moving. They’ve been the best of neighbors!

Dawn&Kathy 2.jpg

That’s Dawn on the left, Kathy on the right. Not long after I moved in, Kathy’s son got the dead squirrel out of my dryer, and they helped power up my house when I was experiencing “technical difficulties.” I’ve got a communal lawnmower, and their dog beats up my dogs regularly (mine are just being nice with the little bitch, yeah, that’s it).

Dawn&Kathy bitch queen from hell.JPG

The good news is that they’re buying their first house (about time!) and are just moving down the block and around the corner a ways. Now the houses on both sides are up for sale — I wish I could buy up the neighborhood.

Congratulations! I’ll miss having the cops come and shine flashlights on you and your friends tossing each other fully clothed into the pool in the wee hours! And Zoe… join us at doggie school! It’s taught by Natalie Faas Gerber, of Faas Kennels & Pet Supply through All Creatures Veterinary Clinic in Lake City (also Red Wing and Goodhue).

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