Back to work after some “time off” (not really, because campgrounds are not immune from internet access, and an advocate’s work never ends).  For the first time, we loaded up the van and headed east, to Wisconsin’s Mirror Lake State Park.  I was a little skeptical, given how Walker’s been gutting the state, but it was great!  Other than extreme highway noise during the week (which we couldn’t hear Monday night due to the intense rain all night, couple inches at least), it’s an amazing park.  The camp sites are huge, and there’s a lot of space and trees between them.  We were on a cul de sac, spot 137, which was way up over the lake.

Little Sadie loves to go camping, rather than trudge along on her walks, she perks up and is trotting and sniffing like a pup.  And afterwards, does she snore up a storm.


This is the perfect time of year to get out.  Weather is cool, no bugs.



And we also took a quick jaunt down to Devil’s Lake State Park, and while the lake is beautiful, the campground is like a bare golf course — I cannot understand why anyone would camp there.  Mowed lawn, neighbors are right there, like camping in a big field. EEEEEUW.  Here’s the lake, with glacial rock piles along most of the edges:


I find it’s hard to pack up and come back to the unreal world… we seem to stay for an extra day.  I remember my father spending the winters planning the summer vacation, and now with the internet, it’s an addicting thing, but the resulting getaway is even better.


Next trip… back to Arkansas via Pere Marquette on the Mississippi?  Hell Creek State Park in Montana, a tour of the dams on the plains, via the Black Hills?  All of the above!

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