The Chisago Project is back.

Chisago Map – PDF for Download

Clisk HERE for the state’s Energy Facilities docket.


Public Meeting & Scoping Meeting

February 27, 2007

4:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Lindstrom Community Center

13292 Sylvan Ave

Lindstrom, MN 55045

Worse, it’s moving forward in the PUC Certificate of Need process, and the process there is appalling. I’m hard pressed to find printable words to describe what’s been happening. The Siting and Certificate of Need docket are before the PUC today and a short rundown of the problems: No service of application, removal from service list, no service of Commerce Comment, Commerce and PUC making up “non-contested” process and worse, saying the Chisago Project should use it! What makes them think that this is acceptable, much less LEGAL, and that they can get away with it!

Concerned River Valley Citizens – Reply Comment

To find out what’s happening, pack a bag lunch and a compass. Go to and go to “Search Documents” and plug in docket 04-1176. If you ask to be put on a Service List, be sure to let your loved ones know because you never may be heard from again — at best, you won’t be served with the documents and will have no clue what’s going on in the docket.

And let’s be very clear about something… Though the utility has failed to serve applications, clear violations, they’re the utility and we expect them to be that way.  The state is the real problem here.  The state is the one charged with protecting the public, the public interest, and the ratepayer.  They’re the ones really screwing us over.

I really hate it when this happens — it’s so egregious, and yet what options do we have to stop it? I’ve got the Appellate Court reviewing a MERA case of mine, trying to get some clear law about the “violation of rule, standard” aspect of MERA, when that comes down, we’ll know if MERA is a winning approach to this flagrant violation of statutes and rules. They’re begging for a big fat legal slap… OK, fine, whatever…

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