I realized recently that it’s been 10 years of Legalectric.


April 10th, 2005

It sort of snuck up on me, the anniversary occurring around the same time that I was trying to figure out Alan’s Medicare, receiving the bill for a few months of Part B, how the Rx “benefit” works, and all that.

10 years of blatherings.  I need to change the categories, do some housekeeping, but it’s disturbing the similarities of the themes.  Ten years ago it was “LEGISLATIVE CHANGES??? NO!!!” and today as I try to review the session, I get nauseous and depressed, same old thing, Xcel Energy trying to have their cake and eat it too and charge us for it.  Great, just great.

Nothing changes?  Yeah, nothing changes, just deeper and deeper into the same hole.


And on the other hand:

Governor’s action Veto Ch. 80 05/23/15


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